Bioidentical Hormones – What Are They And How They Benefit?

Years have passed since the approval of Hormone replacement therapy as being safe on most healthy women experiencing the effects of the onset of menopause. Still, many women as well as some health experts are in two minds about the treatment. This is because of the few cases where women have faced heightening of risks of heart diseases, breast cancer, stroke and blood clots

The women who had stopped using the hormone replacement were reluctant to start it again even though it got a clear chit from various associations. Women then started looking for a more natural approach of hormone replacement.

The wish for a more natural form of hormone therapy has put bioidentical hormone therapy in the limelight.

Bioidentical hormones

There are two kinds of hormones. They are Synthetic and bioidentical. The bioidentical hormones are considered to be a more natural approach to the problem. Derived from plants (soy and wild yam), their molecular structure matches the hormones women make in their body. The bioidentical estrogens are estrone, estriol, and 17 beta estradiol. The bioidentical progesterone is the regular progesterone that is finely ground or micronized or ground finely for quick and better absorption in the body

It is argued that most of, otherwise healthy, women can benefit form the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The goal behind this therapy is to replenish what the body is lacking through the optimization of the hormone, mineral and vitamin levels in the body using natural hormones along with supplements.

The bioidentical hormone therapy helps in relieving fatigue, hot flashes, low libido, mood swings, hot flashes, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and depression. When the therapy is combined with proper diet and exercises the chances of feeling better rises immensely.

Ceasing the bioidentical hormone therapy halfway

In case one decides to stop the use of bioidentical hormone, it is perfectly safe to do so at any point of time. However, there is a big chance that the symptoms prior to starting the bioidentical replacement therapy might reappear.


Bioidentical hormones are formed into a variety of products.  Many of these are approved by the food and drug administration. They are available with a prescription at the local drug store. They are available in many forms such as pills, patch, creams, injections, capsules and gels.

While using a hormonal product for optimal health during menopause it is always advisable to work closely with a clinician and access your individual body traits to decide the right one for you.


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