The Many Upgrades Provided by Phoenix Home Builders

When people are looking for a newly constructed home to purchase, there are some limitations that home buyers feel they have. Many home buyers would love to have a custom home, but many don’t feel like they could afford such a purchase. While a truly custom home may be difficult for the average home buyer to afford, many Phoenix home builders have made it possible to enjoy some of the features of a custom home without the ridiculously high price they normally come with.

Free Upgrades

The first thing many home builders are offering is what can be considered free upgrades. In the past, things like recessed lighting or granite counter tops where all extra. Today, many home builders are offering these things standard in their homes in an attempt to attract buyers. Most builders also offer tons of other upgrades, especially to homes that haven’t been built yet. While this can increase the cost of the home, the final price with a myriad of upgrades is still probably much cheaper than a one-of-a-kind custom home.

Flexible Floor Plans

In addition to building material upgrades, builders often offer flexible floor plans. This can include finished attics, bonus rooms, floor plan configurations that include upstairs loft additions or extra bedrooms.

Improved Front Elevations

One popular option most builders are including these days are different exterior elevations. A person can go with a standard elevation or they can opt for more decorative facades. These facades can include the addition of flagstone siding, wood siding, different exterior colors or upgraded roofing materials.

Also, upgraded carriage style garage doors or upgraded front doors can make a standard home design look very custom without the high price tag of a custom home design. Once again, these upgraded elevations will increase the price of the home, but it will still be cheaper than a custom home in the end.

It’s easy to see why people think a custom home is out of their reach. However, with the wide range of custom options made available by local home builders, a custom home may not be as far out of reach as was once thought. Whether you’re looking for upgraded building materials, a more appropriate floor plan for your family’s needs or you want to put an individual spin on the exteriors of your predesigned home, these builder provided upgrades may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.