Keeping Those Ponds Beautiful And Healthy

No one wants to walk by a decorative pond that is not aerated properly and fills with algae and refuse. Decorative ponds are supposed to be clear and beautiful. Ponds come in many sizes, depths, and shapes. Some have fish and other life forms living in them and some do not. To stay healthy and clear, all ponds need proper aeration and care. Aeration introduces oxygen and movement into ponds and this discourages algae formation.

Aeration choices

Each size, shape, and depth of pond requires a certain type of aeration.

  • Diffused Aeration Equipment is good for ponds that are six feet or deeper. They run on electricity and operate from the bottom of the pond. Diffused aeration systems work for both small and large ponds. Large ponds may need more than one unit.
  • The deluxe aeration systems are similar to diffused aeration systems with the addition of features such as a customized cabinet, a cooling fan, and other features.
  • Garden pond aerators are also called ornamental aerators and are designed for very small ponds such as koi fish ponds.
  • There are windmill aerator kits that offer diffused aeration without the need for electricity. They run on wind power. They are great for ponds in remote areas or where there is no close by electrical source.
  • Shallow pond aerators are designed for ponds that are less than seven feet deep. They come as kits for the landowner to install.
  • There are new solar-powered aeration systems that get their power from the sun. They can run for up to three whole days with no sun.
  • High oxygen surface aeration systems are used for shallow ponds of five feet deep or less. They move large amounts of water to provide oxygen to the pond.
  • Display pond aerators form beautiful fountains and even come with lighting for night time drama.


Ponds require regular maintenance in addition to aeration. There are water quality products to help keep ponds clean. There are weed rakes, pond bacterias that are beneficial, algae and weed control chemicals, and fish feeders. It is important to clean out harmful weeds and trash on a regular basis. Go to the website for additional information.