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Maintenance Procedures on Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool in your yard is likely to be an expensive undertaking, not just of the cost of its structure, but that you have to be responsible in spending maintenance pool products to extend the life of the pool’s internal and external parts and this includes spending to keep the pool water safe and chemically balanced. It is generally standard procedure in the basic care of swimming pools to always check on the quality of water on the pool, using appropriate instruments to see if it still registers 100 parts per million (ppm) which is the standard alkaline reading or if it has maintained its pH value of a range of 7.4 to 7.6 level, any of these should make the water safe for use; however, if the reading results have deviated, then the water is not safe for use and must be properly treated, as this will cause many unpleasant results for swimming pool users, such as the following: presence of germs and bacteria in the pool since the chlorine composition is insufficient; pool water may cause skin and eye irritations, corrosive factor may be high, thus, pool parts, such as liners, handrails, ladders, and pump may begin to corrode; and if the water looks cloudy, that could mean a high in calcium, but if calcium is also low may result in the pool’s plaster damage.

Another aspect in swimming pool maintenance is the procedures to do when opening the pool for use during spring season and, therefore, these are the three considerations: clean and remove any plant debris that may land on the pool deck, patio, or right on the pool water; check on pool supplies – cleaning solutions, chlorine disinfectants including their expiry dates; removing the pool cover but first suctioning off the water that has remained on top of the cover so it will not mix with the pool water and clean thoroughly the cover.

Swimming pool water level is equally important as another maintenance check, since too low a level may cause the burning up of the pool’s filter pump motor as air can be sucked in; furthermore, the right water level helps in levelling off with the swimming pool skimmers to effectively catch all floating debris. Part of a pool’s maintenance care is either requiring for an automatic swimming pool cleaner, which is costly, or adopting to vacuum the pool with a special pool vacuum equipment, doing this task above ground and in-ground of the drained swimming pool, moving the vacuum like doing so on a rug and if the pool is especially dirty, empty the pump strainer during this process.

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